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Disaster Relief Effort - Palu

On 28 September Donggala, Singi, and the City of Palu experienced a 7.4 Earthquake and a few minutes later a tsunami. More than 1,571 were killed, 2,549 injured, 66,900 homes destroyed affecting 2.4 million people. Of the 31 GSJA Churches in the area 6 are completely destroyed, 11 are damaged, 14 churches we have lost contact with.

Update: 21 October 2018
This past week ICA Advance Team Surveyed Palu to evaluate conditions and how to respond. We are sending 1,533 family packets of rice, dry noodles, canned food. We are also including extra tarps and rope, sarangs, blankets, multi family water filters, diapers and baby formula, basic medicines. The shipment is already sent and we are not planning to send more stuff for now. However, stay tuned to our social media channel especially instagram for details on an upcoming missions trip to Palu to distribute relief supplies and a follow on Medical trip.

If you have any further questions please email our missions email or contact our Missions Director.