Help Us Finish our Race For The East

In 2010 we started our East campus of ICA in Galaxy Mall.
Today God has blessed our church and we have outgrown our facility.
This year we are moving to a bigger location where the church can continue to grow and serve.
In order to do this we need to raise IDR 14 billion to afford a new building,
rent for the next several years, and maintenance. Our goal is to raise 75% of our funds
by May 2018 so we can break ground, with the rest of the funds in by October 2018.

Why We Are Doing This

Part of our Missions effort as a church is to reach our own city and in 2018 we are taking our biggest step to date. Building a church out in the villages establishes a beachhead for the kingdom of God. It works the same way in in Surabaya; When we build a bigger church it also builds a bigger beachhead for the Kingdom of God in our own city.

Where We Will Build

Our current church is located in Galaxy Mall. Our new location will be in the Galaxy Mall 3, which is currently being built across the street. We will increase our church area to 1912 m2, giving us a seating capacity to serve more people - from 250 to 490 people, room for several classrooms, and larger sunday school area / ministry space. Our goal is to have a facility with enough space to grow and better serve the kingdom of God in East Surabaya.

Race to The East Progress

Our Race in building the East Campus will help ICA serve more community and people in the area. Here is our current progress on raising funds for the East Building Project. We are raising a huge amount of capital for this building, its rent for several years, and equip the building so our congregation can worship and minister properly.


Money raised as of mid October 2018

Check here every other week of the month for our bi-monthly progress update. Our timeframe is to start building in June and we will need to finish raising them by February 2019.

How can I Participate ?

Fill and commit to a PLEDGE CARD

You can join our Race for the East building campaign by filling out a pledge card at any ICA campus. This will let us know how much you would like to commit to give to this project each month. Then each month you can give your pledge in the offering or online. Pick up a pledge card at our Welcome Center at both of our campuses, fill in your detail, and drop it in our offering boxes.

Give by transfer or dropping a donation envelope at ICA

You can give your monthly pledge, or a one time gift, by putting your donation in the offering envelope at any ICA campus and checking the ICA East Building box.
In addition, you can easily give via bank transfer by sending funds to our BCA account at 863.053.2222 under the name "ICA".

Host a Fundraising Event

You can also help raise funds for ICA East by hosting a fundraising event to give a percentage of the sales back to ICA to support our building program. If you would like to do a fund raiser, we can schedule you in and discuss how we can help with the fundraiser and arrange it with you.

If you want to help donate and become a fundraiser to help with east building fund, please contact Ester at ICA West Office via email.

Become A Supplier

Another way people can partner with us is by donating your time, skills or materials. Our new building will need many things from tiles to carpets to chairs to electronic equipment. If you are in a business that deals in items the church will need and would like to donate or give discounts, please contact us. In addition, if you would like to help with your talents in construction, electrical engineering, painting, decorating, or many other tasks needed to build the church, you can contact Ester at ICA West Office via email.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about our Race for the East building campaign and how you can be a part, don’t hesitate to contact us using the button below. We would love to work together with you to finish the race and see the Kingdom of God grow in Surabaya.
Thank you for serving!

Please be aware that our offices are open Tuesday - Saturday, 9AM to 4:30PM.