REFOCUS is ICA's pursuit of the presence
and power of God in our lives.

REFOCUS is our commitment to prayer and fasting in the entire month of September.
We realize that Jesus is the singular greatest endeavor of our lives.

Join us as we, as a church, seek HIS presence.

In addition to individual prayer and fasting,
we have made some other resources available below.

Tuesday Prayer Service Online

Prayer Online meets via zoom every Tuesday from 6:30 to 7:30 PM for the next eight weeks to teach and pray about a REFOCUS topic.

Bible Reading Plan

A REFOCUS downloadable Bible Reading Plan is leading our entire church through the books of Mark, Luke, and John two chapters a day in the month of September

Worship Playlist

A REFOCUS worship playlist is available on Spotify to enrich your daily devotion time.

Guides on Social Media

Follow our Instagram and Facebook Page for a daily step by step devotion guide and more resources regarding REFOCUS 2020

New Service Every
Sunday 8:00AM

New Service Every
Sunday 10:00AM

A word from our Senior Pastor about COVID-19 and ICA


Stay connected with your ICA small group! ICA small groups are now meeting together online using the free ZOOM app for group meetings. Contact your small group leader for an invitation link to your group's ZOOM meeting.

You can download the ZOOM application from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store or head to their website for more software client to use with your specific device.

Stay safe with physical distancing but join us socially by being together online!

Do you need Prayer or Counseling?

If you have a need that you want to be prayed for by a pastor, or you need counseling online with a pastor
please fill in a form using these buttons below so we can pray / follow up with you.