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Mythbusters : Christians Can't Judge, Ever!

John Taylor, September 20, 2015

Part of the Mythbusters series, preached at a East Mall, Sunday 3rd Service service

People say that "you can't judge a book by its cover", but we always have comments and opinions on things around us. Aren't we allowed to have our own opinion? What if we feel strongly about something? Is that considered judging? Criticism?

What does Jesus' and the Bible say about criticizing others? Are we allowed to criticize others? How does a Christian should act on this matter? This week we'll look on the topic of "Judging Others" and what to do when people say that as Christians, we are not allowed to judge others. Ever!

ICA are on a series of 'Mythbusters' that takes a look at certain 'truths' on what people say about Christians. What do we need to do as Christians? Learn from the Bible and what Jesus says to get to know the real truth behind some of the most popular sayings in Christianity today.

About John Taylor: Current Senior Pastor of ICA.
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